Some of Our Favorite Case Studies

G&G Steel

Website Development Web Application Development Digital Marketing Infrastructure Support

G&G Steel wanted a website that was both informative and easily accessible by customers and suppliers. With a good vision of where they wanted their website to be, they started by compiling all their various stats and capabilities to ensure their website enhanced their business. The website features a responsive design that's mobile friendly with no need for a secondary app. 

Digital marketing efforts proved successful with monthly traffic, user, and source increases. Averaging 5,000+ views per month, G&G can have insight into their web presence and make adjustments to their website and make marketing decisions as needed. 

We also assisted G&G with their current network and internal processes as they had an IT staff change up and are also working with a 3rd party IT vendor. We were able to save G&G over $30,000 / year with custom development work by decreasing their software licensing they were paying for their ERP system. In fact, the yearly savings is potentially way more as the web applications we've developed have help streamline numerous internal processes thus driving efficiency and productivity. As COVID reared its ugly head, the need for more conferences and phone calls came to light. We helped install a sound / microphone system in their training room that featured over 200 microphones integrated with Zoom to allow for better conferencing between their clients and locations. Now anyone in attendance any where in the room can be heard as if they are sitting face to face with the folks on the other side.

A custom application was created to allow G&G to track several processes and workflows that were either being done via paper, email, or Excel. A Customer and Quote Management System was created to allow them to follow up on the numerous quote requests that are received daily since the new website launch. Automated reminders, via email and text, ensures no client is left behind. Later, the custom app was enhanced to include a non-conformance system to help increase efficiency within their quality processes. Finally a material tracking system was developed to allow them to trace material as soon as it arrives all the way to the finished product and beyond.

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